Happy Birthday Dr JOD

Happy Birthday Dr JOD

A minute to the third decade
and God is exactly good already.
Clearly, loads of angles have been
doing loads of locum and overtime to
make it this splendid in such a record time.
Indeed, His deeds are marvelous in our sight!

When God gave grace and strength
you worked your fingers to the bone.
You’ve smiled through the storms as if
winter and summer were one and the same,
and spring and autumn were only preludes.
Hasn’t God been your shield, glory and lifter up of your head?

And; who has ever paid you any compliments
and has not touched upon your wit and charm?
And; who has seen the little NYA blossomed into Dr. JOD and
has not held that if anybody be hidden even in the back of beyond,
faith and diligence can bring the person in the limelight in due time?
And; won’t God take you places when your heart is in the right place?

Oh, and on that blessed Sunday morning
when the euphoric and expectant violet congregation
awaits he who caught your falling heart to lift the white veil
the tears that will be forced back and the resolute drop that
will fall on the makeup will be a tear of “God-is-faithful”
and the cheers will be a celebration of God’s splendor in His people

I say God bless you with a smile looking at
how God has kept the heroine humble,
the courageous courteous and the gorgeous godly.
We can only imagine the higher heights
and the deeper depths He will take you.
And if the smile should ever fad on your face
may it never fad in your heart
Happy birthday and God bless
Dr. Julia Osei Donkor


Please Allow Us To Grow

Part I
He has, already, it wasn’t easy but he did. He has confessed and renounced all the shameful deeds in his past, but still, you won’t let it be.
Because you won’t allow it, because you still doubt, he has to, again, and again and again. He shouldn’t, but your constant reminder is so disturbing he’s forced to, again.
He’s only asking you to let him grow! Even if the pace is slow, let him grow!! Church folk please let him grow!!! He’s getting there, so let him flow.
You saw him drunk out of his mind, as far back as Arsenal last won the EPL; but years after, you still call him a drunk though he doesn’t drink again.
Let us know you blessed excellent holy brothers and sisters; for how long are you going to vilify him, will you ever allow this to be a thing of the past?
True he was a gang leader; a thief, an addict, and a womanizer back in the day, but by God’s grace and the cleansing power of the blood he is a new being.
One more time, he prays, that you remove that old tag, that you stop reminding him of his past, that you call him by who he is now, and not who he was then.
The old life died with Christ on the cross, his sinful self has no power over him; he’s not a slave to sin; for anyone who has died is made free from sin’s control.
The Testament says, “In Him I have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace,” not according to your pity!
Let’s pretend because you serve in church, your name is a household name at church, and the pastor knows your middle name you’re the standard
But does it mean anything to you at all that if he confesses his sins, God is faithful and righteous to forgive his sins and to cleanse him from all unrighteousness?
Do you even care that there is therefore no condemnation against him now that he is in Christ Jesus, that God loves him as much as He loves you?
Please drop that tag, he is not a drunk, not a thief, not a flirt, not a smoker or a gang leader; he is a child of God redeemed with the precious blood of Jesus.

Part II
I, even I, yes I, I beg of you to let me be; for He threw my guilt, shame and dirt into the sea, so why do your judgmental look and words make want to pee?
Christian brothers and sisters, I pray you stop calling me names; that you leave room for me to improve; local church heroes please permit me to change.
Ain’t you all better people than you were a decade ago; and don’t you owe it all to God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.
God has promised to seek the lost, bring back the strayed, bind up the injured, and strengthen the weak… So why won’t you permit me to change?
You saw me about 6 years ago at the back seat of my car making out with a chorister, yeah, that dark tall beautiful alto singer you had a crush on.
You’ve ever since held it against me; by God’s grace I’m changed, married with a kid, though you’re still single you call me a pervert and a hypocrite.
What do you really gain from shaming me, when God has already forgiven me? Even if I were the worse sinner you’ve ever seen, isn’t it better that I’m changed?
Since you heard I’ve broken 5 innocent ladies’ hearts, you’ve made it your God-given task to tell the whole world how heartless and irresponsible I am.
True, I battled very hard with lust, got bruised, hurt faithful souls, (I’m sorry), but God granted me victory in Christ, lust no longer has dominion over me.
Why do you keep judging the servant of another? To his own master he stands or falls; and he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.
Do you believe this Scripture, “For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him”?
I am not praying your endorsement or your affirmation; I only pray that you stop fighting and condemning me because God who is rich in mercy has changed me.
I know you’ve read that “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”
The Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous is the propitiation for our sins, and not for yours only but also for the whole world.

Part III
Please mum and dad, allow her to be a better person than she was; don’t give up on her yet, please don’t discourage her also, for God has a plan for her.
Would you ever let it go? Would she forever be paying for who she was, knowing very well she can do very little about her yesterday?
She doesn’t complain when you allow her sisters to receive male visitors in their rooms with the door closed, whilst she sits hers at the porch.
She doesn’t whine when you calmly ask her siblings for excuses when they miss Sunday service but harshly attack her when she misses a midweek service.
She only wishes you would for once, for the love of God, cease reminding her that her big sis is still a virgin and she’s not?
At least, acknowledge that though she is not where you wish for her to be, she’s not where she used to be; they’re all working together for her good.
Don’t you have confidence in this very truth, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus?
The Bible has taught her to believe that because of His love God chose her in Christ to be holy and blameless, that she are holy and without fault in the eyes of God.
So why don’t you drop the tags, and believe that God is not through with her yet, that there is hope for everybody, even her.
Mum and Dad, shouldn’t you be the last people in the world to add your voice to the accuser of the brethren and make her feel guilty for her dirty past?
But you press her so much her heavy heart takes solace in the hymn: “I need no other argument, I need no other plea, it is enough that Jesus died, and that he died for me”
Please Mum and Dad, tell her who she is in Christ, tell her who she can become in His love.

Part IV
I sinned against God and man; defamed the church of the Living God, shamed the name of the Most High. I have a past I not so proud of. [Let’s assume you do not]
I had a rough start, I slipped alone the line, I abused the grace and call of God upon my life, and I kept a double life until I was exposed. [Let’s assume I’m the only one]
But if He has chosen to forgive me, why do you fight God’s grace, mercy and love shown me? Why do you sack the sick from God’s hospital?
I’m back here again, with or without your permission because, God says: “Therefore if the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed.”
“For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him?”
“Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.
Have I gotten you confused? Yeah, I’m quoting scripture, and they apply to me also. Do I sound presumptuous? No, I’m remorseful and I’m only begging to speak.
So let me speak, let me speak, let me speak! I pray your godly love towards me not your judgment, condemnation and rejection
So you saw me doing what, when, last year, month, week or yesterday? I’ve confirmed your suspicions so you’ve declared me persona non grata?
No, you’re not the reason I live. I’m not going to give up the good fight of faith ‘till my raptured soul shall find rest beyond the river.’
I rely on the steadfast love of the Lord that never ceases; His mercies that never come to an end; for they are new every morning; great is His faithfulness.
If I don’t stand guilty before Him, I shouldn’t also stand guilty before anyone; so for the last time, please let me be, let me change, let him grow, let her flow…

Cheer Up


When you ought to be actively doing something,

but rather you just live passively doing nothing.

When life has your back against the wall,

that waiting and hoping are not calm at all.

When you’ve ever messed an opportunity up,

probably as big as the FIFA whole world cup;

And if the past seem better than your now,

the future so scary it’s almost a sacred cow;

Take solace in this simple fact of life, friend,

everything under the sun comes to an end.

Emptiness and regret is not a place to be,

it’d only tie you down even when you are free.

Quit focusing on all the pity qualities you lack

focus on making today the best, never look back

The horrible past will only paint the future in fear

Don’t let the unforeseen sap life of its cheer.


Happy Birthday Dr JOD

You’ve been absolutely unstoppable; backtrack just for a second, and you’ll see

the cause to be thankful,


From then till now, you’ve lived almost a perfect and enviable live, and it is

clearly the doing of the Lord.

Trip after trip, across the country and across the globe,

for business and for pleasure,

Whenever it is a new day, you rise and shine in glory, you stand tall,

saving and blessing lives.

Easy life and good food have not changed the substance and

those godly virtues embedded in you.

The unexpected hasn’t kept you down; whenever the sour strikes,

you boldly shake it off like it doesn’t hurt.

As the years go by, the pieces are fast fixing together, and you are seeing and

fulfilling your purpose on earth.

A year older today; we celebrate you when we say, ‘happy birthday.’

When we wish you a happy birthday, we say we love you, really, we do.

Have fun today, make today wonderful, and keep being the best of you.

Beautiful, with or without a smile Dr Julia Osei Donkor, you’re loved.

Happy birthday Doc


What’s More Beautiful?


There is nothing more beautiful than a husband who wholeheartedly loves and

adores his pregnant wife.

 What is more awesome than a husband whose smile and touch soothe the pain of

his wife heavy with a child?

 What is prettier than the sight of a husband rubbing his expectant wife’s arm, lap,

belly, or back in public?

 The sight of a husband kissing, giggling and nudging happily with her pregnant

wife is so much endearing.

 Nothing is more enviable than the beaming pride in a husband’s eyes watching

his wife walk about with her big belly.


 What’s shrewder than a politic husband who loves and supports his pregnant

wife throughout the journey?

 What could be manlier than a husband whose pride and joy is to care for his

wife who’s in the family way?

 Big all discerning husbands up, who don’t shy away but bring broad smiles to

the face of your pregnant wives.

 What is more beautiful than the joy in the eyes of expectant couples who are so

grateful for what they have?

 A perfect picture: a husband who cherishes the priceless gift of a wife from God,

much more when she’s pregnant.


Happy Mother’s Day

To all the Marthas, our dutiful mothers who serve selflessly to make us feel at home and always long to come home…
To all the Abigails, our beautiful smart mothers who act often on our behalf just in time to save us from ourselves…
To all the Eunices, our godly mothers who keep the faith against all odds and create Christian homes for us to grow in…
To all the Priscillas, our attentive mothers who draw from their rich Christian walks to give us all the direction we need…
To all the Marys, our blessed mothers, ‘blessed are you among all females, and blessed is the fruit of your womb…’
To all the Deborahs, our spiritual mothers who tell us the mind of God and give us divine judgement and counsel…
To all the Esthers, our queens, our favoured and gracious mothers, who prayerfully take deadly risks to save the day…
To all the Dorcas, our kindhearted mothers who go out of their way to do good and to help the poor and the destitute…
To all the Magdalenes, our saved and cleansed mothers who are exclusively devoted to our Lord Jesus Christ…
To all the Elisabeths, our generous mothers of promise who look deep down and see the best in us and speak it to be…
To all the Hannahs, our prayerful mothers who do not succumb to pressure or accept the status quo but travail until you prevail…
God bless you for being our mothers, for sharing your lives with us at your discomfort and sacrificing your livelihood;
We learn how to love just by watching you love, we can to speak kind words to others because you spoke kind words us;
For all the encouraging sweet words, care and prayers; we say thank you mothers. God bless you mom; Happy Mother’s Day.


The Night I Realised I Married A Human Being

Happy African American Man & Woman Couple

I liked the sound of telling myself, in spite of all the advice, all I saw and all I heard, that I married an angel.
It felt so great to believe that, the smiles I saw and the sweet voice I heard, could never hurt a soul; so I believed it good and proper.
There was this inner joy and secret dependency on the hope that, she knew what was right and will always do what was right.
I knew this born-again, water-baptised, tongue-talking, spirit-filled (hopefully), heaven-bound daughter of God will always bring good tidings.
“I married an angel” was my WhatsApp status for months, and genuinely, there was a lot of love in my heart daily because of my angel.

black-couple-not-happyBut tonight, after much thinking and after a couple of months together, I’ve come to know that though I married an angel, she is also human.
She may smile beautifully and talk politely, but she has her down sides, she has issues that sometimes dim her bright smile and quieten her sweet voice.
Now, I totally believe the saying, ‘what you see is what you get;’ for all that I saw and heard were not absolutely false, they were just the other side of her.
If it’s any consolation, her explanations for doing what she does show that though she often means good, it only ends bad, yeah, she’s human after all.
She is always glorious and heavenly, especially when singing and speaking in tongues, but she’s just a wee bit different when the tongue and song is over.

I was shocked when I finally saw she was also human, but thank God, it wasn’t a sustained shock; good has come out of this sad knowledge.commitment-phobic
Well, she may from time to time act human, but I still believe I married an angel, not anybody’s kind of angel, but my kind angel.
If feels good to believe I married an angel, so I will keep believing I married an angel; just that she is, let’s say, potentially occasionally human.
I’d do my best to create a heaven for my angel to live in, an environment that will motivate her to be the angel I want her to be.
I never thought this truth would ever don on me, but tonight, though I realised I married a human being, she still remains an angel, my angel.