…That Ends Well


After series of fruitless effort to push a square peg into a round hole, in the fullness of time, God wound the complication up and granted rest; then ushered me to my place in the sun.

He woke me up to a suitable companion, a royalty, a warm and witty gift! Enthusiastic, charismatic and optimistic; Christiana – a Christian woman; Love came within the realms of possibility.

Lost my heart to her; condition improved and murky vision cleared, life became kind, sleep good, music better, worship meaningful; flushed with success, all in good time.

And as the Potter continues His work on us, we will rejoice with the truth, bear all things; grow in patience, kindness, hope and perseverance… until this pair forms a threefold cord with Christ.

God grant us wisdom and strength to commit to Him and to each other, grace to uphold the integrity of this divine union and favour to enjoy this beautiful journey.

The miracle and thrill I prayed for, the beauty and elegance I dreamt about; an exception to the rule, customized for me, the wife I leave to cleave unto, Princess Maame Afia, I love you cheerfully without restraint or caution.

Emmanuel Boison