Happy Birthday Dr JOD

Happy Birthday Dr JOD

A minute to the third decade
and God is exactly good already.
Clearly, loads of angles have been
doing loads of locum and overtime to
make it this splendid in such a record time.
Indeed, His deeds are marvelous in our sight!

When God gave grace and strength
you worked your fingers to the bone.
You’ve smiled through the storms as if
winter and summer were one and the same,
and spring and autumn were only preludes.
Hasn’t God been your shield, glory and lifter up of your head?

And; who has ever paid you any compliments
and has not touched upon your wit and charm?
And; who has seen the little NYA blossomed into Dr. JOD and
has not held that if anybody be hidden even in the back of beyond,
faith and diligence can bring the person in the limelight in due time?
And; won’t God take you places when your heart is in the right place?

Oh, and on that blessed Sunday morning
when the euphoric and expectant violet congregation
awaits he who caught your falling heart to lift the white veil
the tears that will be forced back and the resolute drop that
will fall on the makeup will be a tear of “God-is-faithful”
and the cheers will be a celebration of God’s splendor in His people

I say God bless you with a smile looking at
how God has kept the heroine humble,
the courageous courteous and the gorgeous godly.
We can only imagine the higher heights
and the deeper depths He will take you.
And if the smile should ever fad on your face
may it never fad in your heart
Happy birthday and God bless
Dr. Julia Osei Donkor


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