What’s More Beautiful?


There is nothing more beautiful than a husband who wholeheartedly loves and

adores his pregnant wife.

 What is more awesome than a husband whose smile and touch soothe the pain of

his wife heavy with a child?

 What is prettier than the sight of a husband rubbing his expectant wife’s arm, lap,

belly, or back in public?

 The sight of a husband kissing, giggling and nudging happily with her pregnant

wife is so much endearing.

 Nothing is more enviable than the beaming pride in a husband’s eyes watching

his wife walk about with her big belly.


 What’s shrewder than a politic husband who loves and supports his pregnant

wife throughout the journey?

 What could be manlier than a husband whose pride and joy is to care for his

wife who’s in the family way?

 Big all discerning husbands up, who don’t shy away but bring broad smiles to

the face of your pregnant wives.

 What is more beautiful than the joy in the eyes of expectant couples who are so

grateful for what they have?

 A perfect picture: a husband who cherishes the priceless gift of a wife from God,

much more when she’s pregnant.



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