Happy Birthday Dr JOD

You’ve been absolutely unstoppable; backtrack just for a second, and you’ll see

the cause to be thankful,


From then till now, you’ve lived almost a perfect and enviable live, and it is

clearly the doing of the Lord.

Trip after trip, across the country and across the globe,

for business and for pleasure,

Whenever it is a new day, you rise and shine in glory, you stand tall,

saving and blessing lives.

Easy life and good food have not changed the substance and

those godly virtues embedded in you.

The unexpected hasn’t kept you down; whenever the sour strikes,

you boldly shake it off like it doesn’t hurt.

As the years go by, the pieces are fast fixing together, and you are seeing and

fulfilling your purpose on earth.

A year older today; we celebrate you when we say, ‘happy birthday.’

When we wish you a happy birthday, we say we love you, really, we do.

Have fun today, make today wonderful, and keep being the best of you.

Beautiful, with or without a smile Dr Julia Osei Donkor, you’re loved.

Happy birthday Doc



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