The Night I Realised I Married A Human Being

Happy African American Man & Woman Couple

I liked the sound of telling myself, in spite of all the advice, all I saw and all I heard, that I married an angel.
It felt so great to believe that, the smiles I saw and the sweet voice I heard, could never hurt a soul; so I believed it good and proper.
There was this inner joy and secret dependency on the hope that, she knew what was right and will always do what was right.
I knew this born-again, water-baptised, tongue-talking, spirit-filled (hopefully), heaven-bound daughter of God will always bring good tidings.
“I married an angel” was my WhatsApp status for months, and genuinely, there was a lot of love in my heart daily because of my angel.

black-couple-not-happyBut tonight, after much thinking and after a couple of months together, I’ve come to know that though I married an angel, she is also human.
She may smile beautifully and talk politely, but she has her down sides, she has issues that sometimes dim her bright smile and quieten her sweet voice.
Now, I totally believe the saying, ‘what you see is what you get;’ for all that I saw and heard were not absolutely false, they were just the other side of her.
If it’s any consolation, her explanations for doing what she does show that though she often means good, it only ends bad, yeah, she’s human after all.
She is always glorious and heavenly, especially when singing and speaking in tongues, but she’s just a wee bit different when the tongue and song is over.

I was shocked when I finally saw she was also human, but thank God, it wasn’t a sustained shock; good has come out of this sad knowledge.commitment-phobic
Well, she may from time to time act human, but I still believe I married an angel, not anybody’s kind of angel, but my kind angel.
If feels good to believe I married an angel, so I will keep believing I married an angel; just that she is, let’s say, potentially occasionally human.
I’d do my best to create a heaven for my angel to live in, an environment that will motivate her to be the angel I want her to be.
I never thought this truth would ever don on me, but tonight, though I realised I married a human being, she still remains an angel, my angel.



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