Happy People


We are living the dream

and we are not sorry

We are making our wishes realities

and we have no regrets

We feel invincible

on top of the our world

We wake up with a smile

happy it’s another day to “make hay…”


We solve problems with ease

without any complaints

We walk confidently

not watching over our shoulders

Happy-People-Have-Healthier-Hearts We speak boldly, clearly and politely

worry is strictly optional

We shake hands firmly

and timidity is not in our books

 We reign as kings and queens

it could be intimidating, yeah we know

Diverse business group meeting

We know we are the best

and we don’t need to hear that all the time

 We get such fulfillment in what we do

it hides our pains and fears

We are equally human, not super human

only that we feel good about who we are


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