You’ll Get There



The reason the smile vanished was because of a friend’s accomplishment

We run different paths though we all hope they will take us to the top

Don’t feel left out, and don’t feel sorry for yourself

It is okay to learn from the best,

but that shouldn’t belittle you


The reason the joy went off that fast was because of comparison

We have different purposes though the ultimate is a fulfilled life

Don’t feel insignificant, and don’t feel you don’t measure up

It is okay to draw inspiration from those shining,

but know that ‘every dog has its day’


The reason the energy is gone is because you heard a nicer story

We stand for different things in life though we are the best of friends

Don’t feel you will never make it, and don’t feel you’re a waste

It is okay to listen to those doing better

but take heart because ‘time and chance happen to all’


The reason you are down is because you’ve heard you are not doing much

We have different destinations though we share a similar starting point

Don’t feel you are not smart, and don’t feel the top is not for you

It is okay to wish you could better

but that should only you urge you on not dampen your spirit



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