Feels So Good

ImageSmiles and hugs that are so warm and sincere

A grasp of you and it’s hard to loosen the grip

Awesomely soft and smooth is how it feels

Amazing sound of your breath and heartbeat

Even better when you flinch and moan

The innocence in your response is golden

This feels more than good, it is incomparable

Beauty that glows when it’s genuinely shy

What this lovely angel does is indescribable

Just waiting for what can beat this sensation

Amidst all the many twists and turns

The quality didn’t change a single bit

Divinely born and nurtured to be charming

Though shy outside, she’s strong in the inside


The very one that stands out among them

Makes all others seem as if they don’t exist

The one that ends all questions and doubts

One thing that makes it all seem complete

Happy to call her sweet little angel

Blessed to call her my very own

Made purposefully to make life better

A special gift from above to bring joy


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