Final Goodbye For Good


Gone before, more than once, actually…

Was not going to be, was gone for good

Snap! And this is going to be after all

On express lane, dreams do come true…

Really brought so much joy to bear,

The best indeed was saved for the last.

Another snap! And the story changes…

The best is going to be the last


Seeing shortly how sweet it could be

A glimpse of what is going to be missed

And it is very sad that this might not be

Wondering why this could not be


Hopping and walking away without remorse,

Looked like a final goodbye for good

Hope raised and crushed without a warning

Gone this time round, really gone for good

But can it really be, if it is not?

Could it be, as the days go by?

Wondering, how does it get to be,

If it is not intentionally made to be?



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