Happy Father’s Day


If the task is risky, tough or dangerous, you are the one we call.
Repeatedly, you’ve had to sacrifice your comfort to bring joy to all.
We expect more than okay from you and don’t allow room for mistakes.
We expect you to be as perfect as Christ, no matter what it takes.
We expect you no matter how, to be brave as David and wise as Solomon.
And have chastised you if anything you did turned out to be a lemon.
The unsung hero we hardly appreciate, your sacrifices go unnamed.
When you don’t meet our lofty expectations you’re unfairly blamed.
But today, we want to take time and appreciate all that you do.
We want to pray ‘God bless you for all that you’ve been through.’
For always having to be the one to say No! And correcting us when needed.
And when our disobedience brought its consequences you still interceded.
We’re not often quick to thank you as we grumble but, be that as it may,
We want to say God bless you and wish you a Happy Father’s Day.



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